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Wavy Blonde Harley Quinn Synthetic Pink Blue Ponytail Lace Front Wig LF853

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Style Code: LF853
Color: Blonde With Pink Blue
Cap Size: Head Circumference about 22" - 22.5"
Length: About 18"
Wig Type: Lace Front
Lace Type: High Quality Swiss Lace (1.5 inches)
Parting: Centre Part
Material: Synthetic Fiber
Heat Resistant: Up To 150C Heat Resistant By Heat Tools



- Color that appears on your monitor could vary from the original color of the wig due to different monitor settings.

Customer Reviews

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Harley or Barbie?

I obviously bought this wig for Harley Quinn cosplays but wore it to a festival and ended up being mistaken for Barbie twice!
It's longer than usual so if you're going for the Harley Quinn in the new Birds of Prey film, I would go for a shorter version.
It's lovely and thick and brushes well, without losing the waves.
Happy as always. Thank you WIF!



Gorgeous wig! Easier/nicer to wear down.

I bought this wig on a pure whim since I have no intentions of cosplaying Harley's Suicide Squad design, but I loved her hair in the movie. This version of the wig is quite lovely. It's VERY full/thick, and wears very nicely when worn down. The wig is so thick though that keeping higher pigtails in it is difficult. It's perfect for splitting it into half down and half space buns.

Awesome and Comfortable

The wig was really well made and was prompt in delivery. The colours were perfectly done, and looked exactly like the movie. I did have to adjust the pigtails a little and position them to be a bit more comfortable. Other than that, the wig was super comfortable and easy to wear for a full day at a comic book convention 😜

Great wig!

I'm relatively new to wigs, and it's been a while since I wore this one, but I bought it for NYCC2018 and WOW! It was fantastic. I got so many compliments!

I think I might have plucked the front a little, but for the most part the wig was wearable out of the box. I was able to redo the pigtails during the con, and I wore the wig for two days straight in major humidity without too much tangling.

Attached are some unedited pics from both days! The casual harley ones are all from the end of the con (after 7+ hours of wear).


I really like the wig, the fact that pink and blue are gradient in platinum blonde is perfect. All the other wigs I saw were different fibers.
I haven’t tried it yet, hope to do soon!

Decent wig

Nice density and colour. I enjoyed the addition of a skin effect along the parting as it makes it look more natural especially on someone with darker hair. However its a little small on my head, it's still wearable just due to it being an up do the lace doesn't stay glued down for long.

Great Wig

Used this for ComicCon Munich 2018. Got a lot of compliments. It took a little bit to style, but that was on my end since she'd been left in the bag two nights before instead of put on a stand. Sheds a little bit, but nothing horrible.

Very good!

This is the first wig I bought from them and I absolutly love it. Very shoft, and it does not shed. Now I just need to style it.
I already bought another wig from them! xx

Definetly worth!

One of my favourite wigs. I dont even needed to glue it and you even didnt see the crossing from the hairline.
Also the wig isnt too shiny. Love it