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New favorite wig

The quality is so beautiful, the shine is just like real hair and doesn't look synthetic at all. I had to trim the bangs and I cut the side pieces too to make the bangs a bit wider to suit my face, but I was expecting to need to do some trimming.

Peachy cute 🍑

I was expecting the wig would come in a plastic packaging but it came with an elegant box. I loved the texture of the wig, it almost feels and looks real, and most importantly I love its peachy colour!! 🍑 I would def recommend it, very affordable.

I like it!!!!

I like this wig, I thought it would be more muted in person but it’s actually a pretty bright orange, it’s growing on me though, very ginger vibes!

If you need a black wig for a costume~use this one!

This wig I think is perfect for beginners as it is easy to put on and hides wig cap flaws wonderfully. I love the texture of the wig. I found this one to be much thicker in texture than some of the other straight wigs from here.

I can also style this one half up or pulled back and the hairline looks great.

One of my best purchases from WIF! (And I own 16 wigs total)

The color is so beautiful in person!

I love the thickness of this wig, as it is workable for beginner wig wearers. I love the length and the way it was shaped! The part is nice as well and gives some major 2000s rock vibes. I bought this for a cosplay, but I normally wear them quite frequently for streaming! I would buy another brightly colored multi color wig like this again. My favorite.

Great Volume and Curls!

I love the color of this wig! It is one of the best pre-curled wigs I have bought from here. I found it to have a wonderful thickness (not overwhelming). The part was placed in a nice spot. I wear wig when I stream, and this one is one that I will wear.


Absolutely perfect wig.
The hairs are incredibly fine and the lengthcis awesome. One of my best buys ever.

Great color

Love this wig!
The company did reach out when they got it in, before sending it to me, to make sure I liked the colors because they said it was a little different the the picture.
The wig was a little staticy when it came out of the packaging. But it's nothing some pure silicon spray for synthetic wigs can't handle.
The bangs are a little long but make good for side sweeping bangs.
I got 2 more wigs from here I'll review once I wear them.

Just as pictured

The wig is just as pictured, but I wouldn’t call the strands red, pink more like 😁 delivery was on time. It’s a little big on my head but I have pretty small head.

so pretty

i’ve lost my hair from treatments, so i’ve been wearing nothing but wigs. this one takes the number one spot. it’s so pretty and the way it comes styled is perfect. i’ve had customers and coworkers believe it’s my real hair. this wig is worth it.

LF3166 mixed brown grey

This hair is absolutely gorgeous. Looks and feels natural and light. The Color is more on grey side but beautiful. The clips by ear tabs are great, help hold wig in place. Love this Color and shop. My new fav shop now!

Great wig!

Used this for a Lady Gaga ARTPOP illusion. Good quality. Styles nicely.

Yes 🙌 Short hair don’t care!!

Such a cute little wig!!!! Love the colour and so happy I don’t have to cut my hair anymore!!!

Pretty in PINK

Love this colour!!! So cute, I’ve always wanted to cut my hair short and dye my hair pink so this helped me do it without having to do it hahaha


Beautiful wig, so soft and amazing quality! ^^

Love this wig!

After hunting for MONTHS for the perfect shade of blonde for my Throne of Glass cosplay, I stumbled upon this one by WIF by pure happenstance. It's perfect, high quality, and though the inside cap is a little bit large, I was able to tighten it down to fit my smaller head. (The irony of that is not lost on my character, believe me lol). In short, this wig is absolutely perfect, and I hope that it comes back in stock again soon, because I'd love to order a backup for shoots!

Fantastic Quality!

I'm beyond amazed by the quality of this wig. It feels wonderful. The curls are gorgeous. And it fits me perfectly. My new favorite in my collection.

Beautiful wig!

This wig is full, but not overly thick, and very easy to wear all day! I wore this outside for about 8 hours, and it still looked amazing for photos! It is high quality, and several people believed it was my real and natural hair! I absolutely love this wig!

Absolutely cute

I bought this wig about half a year ago, it looks just like the picture.
I had to style the bangs a bit since i have a small forehead and it was too long (i did a poor job but that's my fault lmao) but other than that everything was perfect.
It's comfortable to wear and it is really soft.
The ombre makes it look more natural.

Totally Lovley! 💕

I really love it. Awesome colors and super soft. I am in love with this quality! 😍🥰💕🙏

First lace fronts

This was my first ever lace fronts wig and overall the experience was great. This wig is long and thick and very smooth! I cut it and modified the part to be more centered. I tried curling the wig a bit but i could have used a different method as it didn’t turn out that well. I used this with my infinity war scarlet witch cosplay. WIF is 1000% my new go to for lace front wigs!

Perfect Elizabeth Wig.

I adore this wig. It was worth every penny, and I hope to own more of this companies wig in the future.

Sooo amazing!!

I am totally in love with this wig! It is thick, comfortable to wear, the wig cap is big enough and it is soooo smooth!!! It looks very realistic and the fibers are just perfect!
Love it, definitely will buy this piece again. This time I used it for my Lady Dimitrescu cosplay :)

Real customer btw lol (pls read)

- You get what you get
- Amazing packaging
- Not heavy on your head
- Overall really pretty
- Lace is great on this
- Style hair line is surprisingly good straight from the box (so no plucking is necessary imo)
- The pink is noticeably stronger in my opinion
- like every other synthetic wig it’s shiny and get can get frizzy easy
- get a wig stand first cuz this wig WILL get tangled if you don’t store it right!

- seriously watch videos on synthetic wig styling and care

Dm on insta if you want to know more or see it on video or photo

Love love love

So cute!