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Love it!

I absolutely love this wig! Is a little bit wavier than it seems from the pics but it’s perfect for the cosplay I’m using it for (Myrcella Baratheon)
It’s thick and it looks super natural which is exactly what I was hoping for! Wig is fashion is proving once again they are the best


I ordered this wig in 2017, after so many years and many cosplays I've done, it's still my favorite wig. For be a synthetic wig, it is absolutely perfect for this cosplay. It is not easy to find a good wig for Harley Quinn cosplay, but without hesitation, this is one of the best on sale, and it is the best synthetic! as well as all wigs from WIF! ❤️

Fantastic wig!

This is a fantastic lace front wig and the best wig purchase I’ve even made. For the most part it is incredibly easy to work with and the lace can be easily altered to create a more screen accurate hairline. It withstands heat styling and is a satisfactory thickness. This wig would be a five out of five but at the end of the wig the fibers are different lengths which makes it difficult to braid neatly.
This wig has lasted me hours in public, with a comfortable hold despite the extra length I added to it. It is incredibly easy to apply and holds up fantastically under stress. (Mirror picture with fishbones does not accurately portray the length of the wig)

Perfect for Eddie Munson

I LOVE THIS WIG! It's very comfortable on both my husband and I (my head measures 22.5 inches). The fibers and color are very natural, and easy to style. That's the big difference I've noticed for Wig Is Fashion units vs other sellers- even the regular cap wigs have very versatile and realistic fibers that respond really well to heat. I cut every part of this wig and thinned it to get a mullet, teased the top, changed the curl pattern, and added some pomade for texture.
Photos are in slightly warm lighting, the color is a nice ash brown and looks a bit cooler in natural light.

- @LadyAsheXII

Soft and natural

I did hack away at this beautiful wig since the fiber colors were JUST what I as looking for for my Robin cosplay. The color and texture look very natural, which was a pleasant surprise for non lace-front wig. I'm very impressed!
My head measures 22.5 inches and this wig fit very comfortably without causing a headache, like many do.
10/10 Would buy again.

Handbook For the Recently Deceased sold separately

Beautiful, soft, and thick wig. Disclaimer: I did a LOT to this wig in the photo. I used it for my Barbara Maitland Beetlejuice cosplay and she still looked great after I thinned, trimmed into a "gentle mullet", teased, and essentially gave her a perm. lol
My head measures 22.5 inches and this wig fit very comfortably without causing a headache, like many do.
10/10 Would buy again.

My favorite wig ever!

This wig is the absolute best! The curls are so cute and it goes so well with so many outfits and costumes of mine. I love the earthy green color and it hardly requires any styling to wear! I wish it came in more colors so that I could buy more of them!

A stunning wig.

This wig is so stunning, soft and it has great volume. I love the waves, I loved it so much I had to order two more. A backup, and one to style. this is a highly recommend wig.

Perfect for my Twilight Cosplay!

I purchased this wig for my Tanya Denali cosplay and I was very pleased with it. The curl pattern and lace are very natural looking. My only major concern was that the wig is way more white/silver in person, but it wasn't anything a quick Rit DYE bath couldn't fix.

Perfect Wig

The Wig is perfect and i new why i wanted it so bad.You dont really need to cut the wig,only some styling is needed and not even much and i had to cut only two strands and i love it so much.Comfy and Looks good,go toss your coins fellow Witchers/Geralts.

Forest fairy

I feel like a fairy with this wig and the hair does look natural too. Love the curly bangs.


Was looking for a neon red wig and this was the only one I could find. I love it and the colour is obviously gorgeous.


Very lovely and natural wig. Looks very real!

Amazing lace front wig for Jinx!

I chose this wig for its lace front hairline. It worked out perfectly for my Jinx cosplay. The only complaint that I have is that the length on the bottom is not even, which makes it super difficult to tuck it in the braid. Wig is also not exactly as long as Jinx hair is, but I was able to order the same color wefts and extend the length! It wasn't easy to style due to such a long hair, but in the end, it was worth the time! As always, shipping and customer service is amazing!

A very beautiful wig

I bought this wig for my Galadriel cosplay and I love it.
It is very soft and looks incredibly beautiful.

Absolutely stunning

I'm in love with this wig, it's beautiful and so long 😍 perfect for Rhaenyra ❤️


I bought this wig for a Keyleth (critical role) cosplay have worn it multiple times over the last year and it’s sooo stunning, it really gives elf/fae vibes. The curls on my wig are a little more uniform than the photo on the listing and I love it that way!

In love

Had this wig for a year now and I still love how nice and soft it is✨🖤
Some fall out but it’s minimal

Perfect x3

I used this Wig for my Tanith Low Cosplay. So this wig was perfect for her. Also the wig is super soft and is easy to brush ^^

Crowley Wig

Used it for two different Crowley Wigs.
The color comes out a bit more red like in the product photo but is still a very good option for this character.
The lace is very long and good to use for sideburns.


Amazing wig ! Always super comfortable I don't buy my wigs from anywhere else ! The quality is always incredible for what you pay ! These are just some of my WIF wigs ! Amazing to cut and style !


Beautiful soft wig, so much hair. Perfect for my cosplay.

Auburn Straight Synthetic Wig NL042
grace hogan
Really good wig!!

This wig really exceeded my expectations. It's really soft and smooth, combs out easily and is overall a really nice colour. Keep in mind that if you have a bigger head then you won't need to use the tightening straps

Excellent Wig!

Definitely worth the money if you’re going for a true Rhanerya look. I really enjoyed wearing it- it was easy to install and came with a wig cap and a silk bag to keep it tidy. Would order again!