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Beautiful color, texture is wonderful, thick, soft 10/10

Very pretty but shiny

I really like the wig, you can comb it and it doesn't lose hair. It's very pretty but under bright light it can be very very shiny. You can trick people, it definetly looks quite real except the shine sometimes. Looks good in Photos without Flash, good price and looks very natural for the price. You will need to buy a wigcap seperately (I thought there would be one). The wig comes in a beautiful satin bag :)

Beautiful wig.

Arrived on time and is really soft. Was a comfortable wear and looked good on.

Great wig!

Super great wig and love the color! It’s really thick and super soft; I was honestly surprised to feel how soft it was when I touched it. I kinda went to town and cut it to suit my face more, but I love how long it was originally! Overall amazing!

Good but not excellent

Good wig but medium quality. It's shorter than I expected and than it appears in the pictures. The fiber is too much "shiny" and this brightness make appear the wig a little cheaper. All this thing make me feel bad 'cause the first wig I bought 2 years ago was very excellent. The quality hasn't been kept up.

First time buying here

This was my first time buying a wig online and I was really nervous about getting one that was not good quality or really shiny and I was really surprised by the quality of this wig.

The hair is extremely soft and had a very natural, subtle shine to it. The wig is thick but not heavy and the inside is very soft as well. The black and the blonde is pretty much impossible to keep perfectly separate but I don't mind that, it was expected. Also, after taking the wig out of the bag I did not notice any initial smell but when I smelled it there was a subtle, sweet smell so I had my boyfriend smell it to make sure I wasn't crazy and he asked why it smelt good 😂 he also commented on the softness and said that the hair falls like real hair.
The only other wig I have is from some shady shop down the street and it's a cute style but it's not the best quality and the inside is very scratchy and uncomfortable so I may have to find that same style on here as this will be my go to shop for wigs from now on. ❤

pretty good

This is my first wig, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but the curls are quite nice and hold their shape when brushed. The hair has a very natural shine too, much more subtle than your average costume store wig. It is a bit large for my head (22 inches) so the wig cap covers the top of my ears and it just looks a bit large in general but the adjustable straps at least make it tight enough. Two minor issues: the highlights are a lot lighter in real life than on the photo. It also tangles easily, even with my best efforts to limit my movement. I feel like I'm constantly detangling knots and clumps, especially at the back of the wig. Overall it's a good deal for the price though.

One of my favorite wigs great quality

Perfect for Android 18 cosplay!

A few months ago I purchased this beautiful wig for my Android 18 cosplay!
It looks really natural and silky <3 made me look like a real blonde despite being originally a brunette.
I did a little bit of styling to it for this cosplay and I'm happy with the results :D

If you're into cosplay, this is your perfect choice for this character!

Great everyday wig

Wore this wig for the first time today since my hair wasn’t working with me. Everyone thought it was my real hair and I got compliments all day.

Happy with it!

Amazed is a better word for it! The wig is amazing quality I was nervous since I never bought from here before but I'll be doing so again for sure!


This wig is absolutely stunning! The braid work is well done and the blonde is very close to what I saw on screen! They sent me a pic of the individual wig they were sending me to make sure I was happy with it which is above and beyond what I was expecting!

Curls of glory

I love this wig.
It is comfortable to wear.
It looks incredible.
It is exactly like the picture.

White wig


C’est une belle perruque, elle a beaucoup de volume sur le crâne. Elle est longue et douce.

Best wigs ever

I am absolutely in love with these wigs! I’ll always order wigs from here <3

Such a Beautiful & Soft Wig!

This wig is so nice and soft and it rarely tangles for me! Also the curl is so cute and natural looking! I'll be recommending this wig & style to everyone! Its also the least itchiest wig i own!

Gorgeous wig!

Lovely thick and soft wig, great colour and comfortable to wear.

Beautiful wig and love the widows peak.

I chose this wig because it is literally the only one with a true widows peak. I can’t wear most because of my widows peak. I love this wig, it looks so real.


Thick and good quality. Doesn't shine outdoors and looks almost natural. The middle part is quite strong so cutting bangs is very difficult. I've used this wig for a few cosplays and I warmly recommend it.

Absolutely Perfect 👌🏻

Quick delivered in a cute box.
Coloured as pictured.
Soft and silly :)
Beautiful length ✨

Will use it as Elsa Cosplay Wig.
Pictures of first try - unstyled

Amazing soft - a must have

Pretty cute Box delivered in it.
Easy to put on and to style :)
Will buy more wigs from wig is fashion :D

Here some pictures :D I’m thinking of cosplaying deanerys.


love the color! soft!


so soft!!! love the color!

I really love the wig! Is super comfy and so fluffy! The shipping was so fast even the Christmas holidays and the price is perfect for the quality of those wigs!

I really love the wig! Is super comfy and so fluffy!
The shipping was so fast even the Christmas holidays and the price is perfect for the quality of those wigs!